Go to Instant Aggregation

Instant Aggregation

Pull your data at any level of the hierarchy and across any dimension immediately after data is loaded – no more waiting for aggregation operations to take place.

Go to Easy Administration

Easy Administration

Manage data, application design, mappings, security, and much more, all from a single Excel-based front end.

Go to Excel-Based Analysis

Excel-Based Analysis

Analyze and report on your data using a familiar, intuitive, and dynamic interface. Casabase will make you feel right at home with your data.

Go to Lightweight Footprint

Lightweight Footprint

Incredibly easy to install and maintain with minimal infrastructure and support requirements.

Finally, an easy way to consolidate, manage, and access your data.

Aggregating, maintaining, and accessing data across multiple dimensions does not need to be hard or require expensive, complicated aggregation engines and expensive, complicated skill sets.

Built on a relational database and accessed and administered directly from Microsoft Excel, Casabase provides you the transparency and flexibility you need to easily analyze your data.

No other aggregation engine offers such fast, multi-dimensional aggregations while providing completely open and transparent access to the underlying data.

Casabase puts you back in control of your data.

The Casabase Team

Building your data domicile.

Harry Gates


Carr Harriman


Increase your productivity, decrease your costs, and put control of your data back in your hands.

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