March 29, 2018

Casabase Analytics


Currency Conversion Made Easy with Casabase

One of the more common and mundane tasks for companies that have a multi-national presence is currency conversion. Revenue and expenses are booked in multiple local currencies, but this data must be converted to a common, standard currency in order to create an accurate and consolidated data set across the entire organization. Often, currency neutral Read more about Currency Conversion Made Easy with Casabase[…]


Casabase and Power Pivot – A Comparison

We have previously compared Casabase to Oracle Essbase because of the similarities with how you interact with the data in Excel and the speed at which you can access sign-based aggregated data across multiple dimensions in Oracle Essbase ASO. However, a more apt comparison might be to Microsoft Power Pivot, which is also an Excel Read more about Casabase and Power Pivot – A Comparison[…]


Casabase (PE) – The Personal Edition of Casabase

We are excited to announce that version 1.0 of the Personal Edition of Casabase is now available for download! Casabase (PE) is a completely self-contained, fully-functional aggregation and analysis tool that is installed directly on your laptop. That’s right…we took the already simplified architecture of Casabase and made it even more simple. To use the Read more about Casabase (PE) – The Personal Edition of Casabase[…]


Casascripts – Administer Your Data the Right Way

When we set out to build a better aggregation engine, we had two main goals. The first was to give control of the data back to the end-user by providing never-before-seen aggregation speed on top of a relational database. The second was to make the experience of using and administering the tool incredibly easy and Read more about Casascripts – Administer Your Data the Right Way[…]


Casabase – What’s in a name?

Since we launched this website and Casabase has started to grab the attention of those looking for an easier and more intuitive way to administer and aggregate their data, we have received quite a few questions regarding the product.   Some questions express bewilderment: Q: Is it true you’re achieving these incredible aggregation speeds on Read more about Casabase – What’s in a name?[…]


A Closer Look at Casabase

While our beta test was in high gear the past couple of weeks, numerous people have responded to previous posts that they currently have too much on their plate to help out with beta testing, but would still really like to see more of Casabase. The first look post intrigued them, but they’d really like Read more about A Closer Look at Casabase[…]


The First Look at Casabase

We have had an incredible response to our introductory blog post for Casabase. While our focus is on the product and preparing for our first round of beta testing, we do realize there is an interest in actually seeing the product itself. We are hard at work to bring you videos that highlight the major Read more about The First Look at Casabase[…]


Introducing Casabase – a modern, simplified aggregation engine!

Over the past few years, a slow and steady change has been taking place in the EPM/CPM, analytic, and management reporting landscape. For reasons that range from advancement in technology to vendor apathy, once-dominant players have begun to lose market share to new companies that are offering real solutions to issues that have plagued these Read more about Introducing Casabase – a modern, simplified aggregation engine![…]