Introducing Casabase ExoInsight

We’re proud to offer Casabase ExoInsight, the only solution in the marketplace that allows you to pull live data, at any level, from Essbase directly into SQL Server – from inside SQL Server itself.

You don’t need to know MDX, report scripts, calc scripts, the Essbase Java API, or even SQL. Using the novel POV string functionality we’ve developed, anyone can pull data from Essbase. No longer is Essbase a walled garden that only specialized developers and administrators can access!


It’s just as easy to get your metadata from Essbase:


We’re sure that you’ll see the world of possibilities opened up by Casabase ExoInsight. For example, you can use it to connect reporting solutions like Power BI, Tableau, Qlick, etc. that don’t interact very well directly with Essbase. And you don’t have to worry that you’re reporting on inaccurate, stale data since Casabase ExoInsight is pulling from Essbase in real-time.

This is particularly valuable for Power BI. We offer a Power BI connector for Essbase that has proven extremely popular since it’s currently the only way to directly access your Essbase data from Power BI. However, due to Microsoft limitations, our existing connector hasn’t been able to provide Direct Query support. Instead, data is imported from Essbase into the Power BI model. PBI reports can be automatically refreshed periodically using the Personal gateway (and Enterprise gateway support is on the way in Q3). But what if your data is constantly changing and it’s vital that stakeholders always see the exact same data that’s in Essbase at that exact moment? ExoInsight will allow us to offer such Direct Query functionality in our Casabase Essbase Power BI connector.

Casabase ExoInsight can also be used to keep your Essbase cubes and data warehouse synchronized. Essbase has mostly been separate from an organization’s main data warehouse. In the best case, Essbase is loaded from the corporate data warehouse, but the calculations it performs never make it back to their source for use in other applications. ExoInsight changes that.

And once your data is in SQL Server, you have the full power of SQL available, which has been around for decades longer than Essbase and as a result has many more options for calculating your data. One example would be performing allocations. While this is often done in Essbase, its capabilities pale in comparison to those of SQL for this use-case. One could easily pull Essbase data using ExoInsight, perform complex allocations in SQL Server, then load the results back to Essbase using a SQL load rule. This is just one example. The possibilities are literally endless.

If you’d like to find out more about ExoInsight, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how it can help your organization.