Casabase – What’s in a name?

Since we launched this website and Casabase has started to grab the attention of those looking for an easier and more intuitive way to administer and aggregate their data, we have received quite a few questions regarding the product.


Some questions express bewilderment:

Q: Is it true you’re achieving these incredible aggregation speeds on a relational dataset without any pre-aggregations?

A: Yes.

Q: And this is across multiple dimensions with multiple hierarchies and alternate hierarchies, all within a freely formatted Excel interface?

A: Yes.

Q: You can’t possibly be offering all this with an architecture that consists of only a database and a Microsoft Excel Add-in.  What else is required?

A: Well, there is an optional server client that allows the automation of data loads, calculations, metadata maintenance, etc, but it’s not required and can be administered from Excel just like everything else.


Some questions are more pragmatic:

Q: I’m guessing Casabase will be much more cost-effective than other aggregation engines?

A: You guessed right.

Q: What are the benefits of using a relational database instead of a proprietary database format?

A: Let us count the ways…


But one of the most frequent questions we receive is:

Q: Where did the name Casabase come from?

The answer to this question reflects the mission we set out upon when we began this journey. With 20 years of combined EPM/CPM experience and 45 years of combined professional experience in the technology and finance fields, the founders of Casabase Software have a deep understanding and appreciation for users and administrators who utilize the functionality Casabase offers. Being able to report on aggregated data from multiple sources at a high level, then easily drill into the details across multiple dimensions is a functionality cornerstone that many users have grown accustomed to having. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear that without this functionality, many users simply could not do their jobs.

Unfortunately, up until this point, tools that offered this functionality were either too complex (both in architecture and administration), too expensive, too restrictive, or all of the above. Some tools offer instant aggregation across multiple dimensions, but require esoteric calculation languages, complex architecture, and cumbersome administration to do it. Other tools offer aggregated reporting on a relational source, but rely on pre-aggregated data or only offer aggregations across one or two dimensions. The founders of Casabase, having spent most of their professional lives working with these tools, decided it was time to stop struggling with the current offerings on the market and build something that would be as easy and intuitive from an administrator’s perspective as it was from an end-user’s perspective.

Thus, Casabase was born. Casa, meaning house or home in Spanish, embodies the way we want you to feel when using the tool: comfortable, confident, familiar…just like being at home. How comfortable would it make you to know that you could write any calculation imaginable against your data in a common and standard language, and there were unlimited resources available at your fingertips? How confident would you be if you knew that as soon as data was loaded at the bottom level, users would immediately be able to view the aggregated totals without having to run any pre-aggregations? How familiar would it be to utilize industry-standard tools, such as ODBC or any SQL-based query tool, to access your data?

Casabase offers all these things and more:

  • Because the underlying database is relational, you can build literally any type of calculation in SQL, or utilize one of hundreds of different third-party pre-built calculations for both financial and operational data.
  • Because Casabase offers instant aggregation, there is no more waiting around for aggregation operations to take place, and no more discrepancies between bottom-level data and the aggregated totals. Casabase finally fulfills the promise of an instantly aggregated dataset that sits on top of a foundation that supports robust calculations.
  • Because you can utilize ODBC or any other type of SQL-based query tool, integrations with other tools becomes a snap, and investigations into the underlying data become trivial.

We understand the frustration many of you feel. You’re tired of trying to justify the continued use of old technology. You’re exasperated at the roadmap being dictated by some vendors.  You’re worried your skillsets are quickly becoming obsolete with newer tools coming to market. And you’ve grown weary of having to justify the existence of expensive tools that require work-around miracles just to fulfill a seemingly innocuous request. The comfort you used to feel with your current aggregation and analytic systems has given way to unease and uncertainty about the future.

At Casabase Software, we want to bring you back to your comfort zone. In fact, we want to make you more comfortable than you’ve ever been by offering the functionality that users want and a system that administrators love. We have removed the administrative complexity and architectural nightmare that you’re used to and replaced it with a system so simple that you’ll feel right at home!