Casabase (PE) – The Personal Edition of Casabase

We are excited to announce that version 1.0 of the Personal Edition of Casabase is now available for download!

Casabase (PE) is a completely self-contained, fully-functional aggregation and analysis tool that is installed directly on your laptop. That’s right…we took the already simplified architecture of Casabase and made it even more simple. To use the Personal Edition of Casabase, you don’t even need to have your DBA set up an instance of SQL Server. All that is required is the installation of the Casabase Excel add-in and you’ll be off and running!

Everything that excited you about Casabase to begin with (the simple architecture, the instant aggregation across multiple dimensions and hierarchies, the ability to easily import, access, and export your data, the incredibly easy retrieval interface) is all still available. There is simply no other aggregation tool on the market that can offer such fast sign-based aggregations across multiple dimensions and hierarchies, all with such a lightweight footprint. But Casabase (PE) is no lightweight…it can handle data volumes approaching or even exceeding 100 million records! (Note: the Enterprise Edition of Casabase can handle data volumes far in excess of 100 million records)

The instant aggregation of large data volumes will impress you, but the free-form retrieval interface will leave you wondering how you ever worked with any other rigid pivot table or drag-and-drop reporting interface in the past. Be forewarned – you’ll quickly become so accustomed to the freedom and flexibility the free-form retrieval interface gives you that you’ll find it hard to ever go back to anything else.

While Casabase (PE) is intended for individual use, it still allows you to create and share Casabase applications with your teammates. Simply build a Casabase application, bring in your data, set up alternate hierarchies, and once you’re satisfied you can export your Casabase application and put it on a share drive for others to consume.

We invite you to visit our download page and take Casabase (PE) for a spin. We’re offering a completely free, fully-functional 14-day trial. We welcome any questions and feedback and would love to hear from you either via our Contact Us page or the Casabase Forum. Come be a part of the Casabase community and let us help you bring your data home!