Casabase PBI Connector for Essbase: Essbase Version Requirement

The Casabase Essbase PBI connector only works on versions and higher of Essbase. This is due to a bug in that Oracle never fixed, instead advising everyone to upgrade to Considering that was released in April 2012, I’m very surprised at the number of companies who have contacted us that are still on, which came out in 2011So here’s how to check your version to make sure it will work with our PBI connector.

You can get your version number (and the URL you need to use our connector), by logging into Smart View. Once you’ve connected a sheet, go to the Smart View tab and click “Sheet Info”. The “URL:” should be listed there:

get XMLA URL from Smart View connected sheet


The “” is what you need (although yours will obviously be different). You can then copy this and paste it into your web browser, changing the “SmartView” to “XMLA” (uppercase) like so: ““. You should see a message on the screen which should correspond to your Essbase version: